Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Well, It's Sort-of Good News...

Ever since I was fired from Apple for having a training script placed on my iDisk by a manager, I’ve been trying and trying to get back in. Not just because I am desperate (which I am), but because it’s a totally lame way to go out.

We’re not talking gunplay in the store, or the bitch-slapping of a co-worker, we’re talking about having some training materials, people. If my present self could travel back in time I would totally tell my old me to password protect my iDisk

Oh well...

I finally got an emailed response last week from Apple, instead of the stiff silence. Call me, she implored, we’ll talk about it. Could my exile from the Island of Apple be over? Could I be able to wear my Apple shirt, chest out, with pride?

The short answer, no.

The long answer, which of course, she couldn’t get into was that "Due to some special circumstances, HR will not allow me to bring you back onboard at Apple Computer"


I asked her if it was ‘forever’. She couldn’t rule out, that in 20 years, it will always be like that -- but who wants to be 50 years old and working at the Mall?


The good news is that I know not to waste my time applying to Apple.

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