Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Campus Downloading

Campus Downloading, originally uploaded by macfixer.

This arrived for us in the mail today. Apparently "The Recording Industry" (aka the RIAA) wants to teach us IT people to stop illegal trading of music. I have to check this video out!

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Beastie Boys

If you were to tell me back in 1987 that these guys would be looked upon twenty years later as the elder statesmen of hip-hop culture, playing their own instruments, and fighting for human rights (versus your right to party)...

...I would have told you you were crazy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All The Things...

A compiled list of all the "Five Things You Didn't Know About Me" posts from my other blog, Five Things:

  1. I don't own a pair of jeans.
  2. My round-trip commute averages around 120 miles.
  3. The furthest west I've been has been Western New York.
  4. I've beta tested lots of software, but the only place my name appears is in the credits for Now Up-To-Date & Contact 4.
  5. I took the Pepsi Challenge and picked Coke.
  6. I bat righty, but cut my steak southpaw.
  7. I used to tawk like a Lawn Gylander.
  8. My first computer was a PowerBook 1400c/133
  9. My first car was a Toyota Tercel Hatchback
  10. The night of my first date with my future wife, only one other person knew where I was.
  11. I'm a quarter each: Lithuanian, German, Italian, and Finnish
  12. I've owned several cats in my life, but only 2 dogs: Poochie and Viking
  13. I like wooden roller coasters, but don't like steel ones
  14. I didn't like pickled beets until about 2 years ago
  15. I own a copy of "Mickey Mouse Disco"
  16. I found the (then new) 25th Anniversary Issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (with Kathy Ireland on the cover) on the way home from church. Yeah, I took it home. That can't be good for my soul.
  17. I played the trumpet and the cello as a kid.
  18. My parents were both music teachers, when I told them I wanted to play drums, they wouldn't have it. That was the end of that :(
  19. Sat on a yellowjacket once as a kid and it stung my butt.
  20. First hip-hop song I heard ever: "Roxanne Roxanne" by UTFO at United Skates of America. All the kids in school afterwards went around asking, "Did you take her to the beach?" the rest of the school year. It was cool.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Let Me Explain The McKid Rating System

Okay, I've posted a few "What The Hell Am I Eating?" videos now, and I've gotten a few concerned folks asking me
"What's the deal with that McKid kid anyway?"
That's an awesome question, mom. Let's explore the history of this, shall we?

The McKid is a series of faces that are used as my rating system. There are 4 faces:

<-- From "Yuck" to "Yay!"

Why is this little dude called a "McKid" anyway? Well, I stole his image from my sister-in-law's McDonald's training manual (she worked there many summers ago). I was not sure what I would do with them at the time, but I squirreled them away in iPhoto for future use. Being a professional model for sure, his chipper mug makes a better representation of how I feel regarding the stuff I test in my videos.

So, that's the McKid system. Look for them exclusively on What The Hell Am I Eating -- or in your McDonald's training manual ;-)

What The Hell Am I Eating 4: Burger King Ketchup & Fries

Edited: Re-uploaded video to correct 'skipping' issue.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Hitchhiker

Snow Hitchhiker, originally uploaded by macfixer.

Saw this up the street from our house. Someone took the time to make a
hitchhiking snowman, thumbing a ride at the nearby bus stop.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Octopus On Fork

Octopus On Fork, originally uploaded by macfixer.

This was an option at the local Chinese buffet place. A little chewy, and very spicy. I ate it on a dare.

It's not calamari fra diavolo, I assure you

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Holding Pattern

Normally, around last weekish, I would have come up with a year-end review. Careful readers will note that this did not happen. Why? Chalk it up to work and a really long commute. Add to that a new vidcast I'm working on (What The Hell Am I Eating?), and the mandatory family obligations, and you get the idea... no time whatsoever.

What should you do? Well, there's always reading up on ancient events I participated in back in high school, or you can always browse the archives, or check my posts on Twitter.

Don't worry, a majority of the 2007-in-review post is already done, I'm getting around to finishing it... really... before February rolls around... I promise!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Shameless Plug

Here is a link to my "uncle-in-law's" website: -- he paints for a living, and has created a terrific site showcasing his works.

I'm adding him to the sidebar as well. Look for him under 'Stuff I'm Reading'...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thank You YouTube!

Thank You YouTube!, originally uploaded by macfixer.

Thanks for making abundantly clear what I've known for years...