Monday, August 07, 2006

My thoughts on the Leopard:

Yay! -- iChat with tabs and greenscreening. A cleaner interface and a chance to bring forth my inner Colin Mochrie. I should also mention it'd now let me tap into my Dad's desktop to do the remote control tech support thing.
Nay! -- iCal 3? Group calendars? Whatever.
Yay! -- Dashcode lets me be a wanna be hax0r and make my own widgets. Cool!
Nay! -- HTML mail, so 1997.
Yay! -- To-dos in Mail!
Nay! -- I was able to do this in Entourage back in the Classic days.


  1. Time machine sounds weird. I mean seriously, I wonder how many Terabytes of memory will it take to back everything up all the time forever?!

  2. Oh, apparently it requires an external hard drive to do it's thing.


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