Monday, January 15, 2007


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My sister was in town this weekend, so we had a dinner that was an experience. It was a dinner for 7 at this place called "Rainforest Café" -- which is a jungle-themed place for families to eat. The kids get to eat things called Shrimpkins (don't ask) and The Volcano -- and the parents get to drink booze and drown out the pain caused by all the overactive kids jumping up and down while imitating the gorillas.

Yes, the place has gorillas , elephants, snakes, and butterflies (not real ones, animatronic ones). Wild stuff. In the middle of all of this chaos, Alex spilled his drink on his pants, and poor Erika had to run next door to the Gap and get him some new pants, which were not necessary because they had dried by the time she got back.

It's total sensory overload. They have all these animals making animal noises, a water fountain with Atlas in the middle, a overhead star scene (complete with shooting stars), and a thunder storm every 15 minutes, which spooks all of the animatronic animals. Did I mention the drinks for the parents?

...after all that, went to the kid's museum the next day.
Apparently we're all suckers for punishment.


  1. Where is CT. is there a Rain Forest Cafe??
    I went to one that was in a Casino in Vegas.

  2. It's at the Westfarms Mall.



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