Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Google's Engrish

Google's Engrish, originally uploaded by macfixer.

Wow, look at the writing on this dialog box! I usually click the "OK" button every morning at login and move on with my life. However, one morning I actually read the words on it -- I'm not sure if the blame is on Windows XP or on Google, but it's really really bad:

"The server at Please log in to your Google Account requires a username and password"

Who proofread that?!?


  1. Yeah no question. That is actually what led me to do a search on it. I thought that perhaps I was being hacked into. No way would GOOGLE let a flaw like that go by right??? Right??? lol

  2. I only just noticed this today after using gnotify for over two years or so? =D

    I also thought I was being hacked in someway :P

  3. Still having the same problem here .....


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