Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Market Proves Tough Target For `Ninja' Attack

Green Ninja Day, originally uploaded by macfixer.

Their target, state police say, was the store's office. Once inside, they expected to find enough cash to buy a computer. They were familiar with the terrain, since one of them used to work at the store and his mother still does.

Plan A, in which one of them hid inside a sealed cardboard box that was carried, Trojan Horse-like, inside the store by the other two, failed when the would-be burglar burst from the box before the store was empty.

Plan B, four days later, was less subtle: A masked, ninja-wearing, machete- and-baseball-bat waving frontal assault. That didn't work either.

There won't be a Plan C.

When your robbery plan sounds more like a "Blue Collar Comedy" skit than "The Italian Job", you might want to rethink it ju-u-ust a little.

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