Thursday, June 28, 2007

Whoooo Is The Cat With The Beeeeeeeak?

Sometimes, life reminds you that all is not fair with the world; that the odds are forever stacked in favor of the House.

  1. Yesterday, as my wife's grandparents were to leave for their home in Florida, her grandmother complained that her left arm couldn't move and her tongue "felt heavy". My mother-in-law tried to contact her doctor, and when she couldn't, made the Executive Decision to take her to the hospital. Good thing she did, because they later found out she had had a stroke. I dashed home (cancelling a doctor's appointment in the meanwhile) to be with the family and all. Sonia's abuela is doing OK. She's still able to talk, and is still as ornery as ever. The doctors, meanwhile, are trying to find out how much damage has been done. They did a CT scan yesterday, but it was foggy, so today's agenda is an MRI. Here's hoping she sits still enough for that.
  2. Today, I just found out my favorite show on TV, Cartoon Network's "Harvey Birdman" is going off the air come the end of July. Man, I can truly say I absolutely LOVE that show, and seeing it end after only 39 episodes really hurts.

Now, obviously, event #1 is worse than #2 -- but, man -- they both are pretty crummy.



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