Thursday, October 11, 2007

What The Hell Am I Eating: Lay's Crab Spice Seasoning Potato Chips

Crab Spice, originally uploaded by macfixer.

So, I was in the mood for a bag of potato chips on the way home from work (my commute is quite a long drive, I’m told ☺), and so I stop at the local 7-Eleven for something… I’m not sure what, yet, but I want potato chips.

Passing by the usual flavors, I decide I'm in the mood for something different. So I grab what appears to be the solitary bag of Lay’s “Crab Spice Seasoning” Potato Chips. I’m not sure if the fact that there was just one bag meant that there was some sort of run on this flavor, or if there was little faith from the delivery person.

I grab a bottle of Gatorade’s Propel grape to wash it down with and cannot wait to scurry to my car and try this stuff. I mean, come on… it’s got a frickin’ crab on the bag!

I open the bag and am treated to the site of a slightly reddish orange colored chip. Not quite the color I was expecting (then again, what color would you use for crab flavor?). The taste was more “Old Bay” than, say, “by the Bay”, but they were quite good.

Here’s the thing. Old Bay seasoning does not taste like crab. Old Bay is sometimes used to season steamed crabs, so I guess that’s where they get the idea. Why didn’t Lay’s just license the spice blend? Because Herr’s already beat them to it.

Was it good? Would I do it again? Maybe. If I wanted a mouthful of Old Bay spice, I’d grab my bottle of Old Bay on the spice rack at home.

My McKid rating: OK
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