Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back To School Time

Waiting To Board The Bus, originally uploaded by macfixer.

  • I work at a college, and "the crunch" is most definitely upon us. This year is especially challenging because of construction, faculty and students coming back at the same time.
  • Mason is headed back to school on Tuesday, which means...I won't lie...someone's going to be looking after him. It's hard to work and watch after a bored kid at the same time.
  • My wife got some startling news from a recent doctor's visit. I'll update you more when we know for sure, but it's definitely bigger than the common cold treatment she went in for.
  • My summer was good -- got a chance to take a couple of weekend trips. I still have too much vacation time left over. Rats.
That's it for now. No, I never heard back from the "Car Talk" folks, other than an apology for not getting back to me. I'm now in "wait and see mode" and I'll go from there.

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