Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 In Review

If you recall around here last year (don't bother looking for it -- it died in the great Blogger crap-out of '06 -- stoopid computers!), I did a year-in-review post at the end of the year. A summary of the year's events for everyone.

For 2006, expect no less! After all, you get what you pay for ;-)

Here we go...

In January, Blogger died on me and in early February I moved this site to .Mac and used iWeb to craft it, but it got too big and sluggish, so I switched back in July.

In February, I wrote a nice article on my favorite email application (and it's not!), and found out that Apple doesn't want me anymore.

March brought a bought of the flu, and I brought some members of my extended family over to the Mac from Windows (my wife and her grandfather).

April found me working full-time again, and finding little time to blog about it all, because I was still working at Pier 1 part-time.

May was a month of hard work, hard play, and breaking away from Pier 1. The stress of working 7 days a week for 2 months was too much on me and my family. My anger and stress levels dropped precipitously.

June meant a triple vacation, and I started a new blog, Five Things.

July brought strange emails from stranger, umm, strangers, an article on Space Shuttle Discovery, new words in the dictionary, my 4th wedding anniversary, my triumphant return to Blogger, and the sad realization that my grandmother is not "coming back" any time soon.

In August, I won an online contest, my dad became "un-retired", and Blackberry the Cat left us for greener pastures... only to return the next day because my wife missed him so much. We said Peace Out to Pluto, and to the low gas prices we had in New Jersey.

In September, I got my new iMac, went to the movies with Mason, mourned the loss of Steve Irwin, complained about my favorite email program, complained about Windows XP, the late nights at work, all while remembering to have fun with Photo Booth and our new convertible.

October found me ruminating over Olive's (my favorite sandwich shop when I was working in SOHO, NYC), taking a drive near my wife's school, going through some old pictures, making some meatballs the way my grandma used to, and worrying about a consultant who came to see what all the fuss was at work.

In November, I rejoiced over Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld being shown the door, picking up stray kittens for adoption at the shelter, getting ready for Thanksgiving turkey with my parents, and putting up a "secret" collection of Apple's Desktop Pictures from OS 8 and 9.

December was the month where I found glass in my mouth after drinking a Snapple, getting upgraded to the "New" Blogger, watching Mason and Sarah perform at a recital, trying not to shoot my eye out, wearing all kinds of hats, being reflective at year's end. I was scolded by Santa Claus, I found fun things to do with Office 2004 for the Mac, sucked up all the sleep I could during my last week of vacation time, and got scolded by my wife for not being jolly enough.

We toughed it out as a family this year. Mason's not as sick as he used to be since the tonsillectomy (the week or so with pneumonia aside...), nor were there any emergency room visits necessary for my wife (other than the stomach virus she kindly gave me in the waiting room). Sonia got all A's in school, and Mason also kicked major butt in school. Hope your 2006 was just as good as ours was!

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