Thursday, February 08, 2007

...and I thought my commute home was long!

It almost sounds like the setup for a good joke, "This Mother of 8 boards this bus for home, gets lost for 25 years..." but it's crazy!


Jaeyana Beuraheng told her eight children she accidentally boarded a bus bound for Bangkok instead of Malaysia, and once there she boarded a second incorrect bus because she could not read or speak Thai or English, The Times of London reported Wednesday.

Beuraheng, who speaks only the Yawi dialect used by Muslims in southern Thailand, said the noise and traffic of the big city confused and disoriented her, leading her to board the second wrong bus to Chiang Mai, near the border with Burma.

Okay, so now she's home, right? Her kids are all 25 years older, right? What do you think the chances are that they give a crap who she is?

"Mom, you've been gone 25 years -- don't you tell me about picking up my nasty underwear! At least I know how to get back home!"

Oh, snap!

Read about it here.

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