Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dewmocracy Conspiracy

The Dewmocracy Conspiracy, originally uploaded by macfixer.
What if Mountain Dew had pulled a fast one on the Dew-loving public? Create one "real" flavor -- we'll call it, oh I don't know... "Voltage". Then, to give the illusion of the fanboys having a vote, create two fake flavors (in our example, "Supernova" and "Revolution").

What else could we do to create a frenzy? Label them 'Limited Editions' and tell them 'Only One Will Survive'. Sprinkle in online voting with some Flash graphics and a telephone poll and voila! The illusion of a democracy, oops, I meant DEWmocracy!

The only problem is this: The other two flavors are bland, boring, and lack the (excuse the pun) 'pop' that Voltage has. They're not even close! What combinations did they choose for the bogus flavors? Strawberry-Melon, and Mixed Berry? What?!? Some Juicy Fruit gum and a yogurt flavor? WTF?!?

I think Mountain Dew's plan was to release Voltage anyway, and threw together some quickie flavors to give the illusion that it could be decided by the people. Like there would be a full-time web staff updating the results hourly -- this is soda, for chrissakes, not CNN people.

Don't believe me? Think I'm off my rocker? That's fine, but even the fanboys are onto it, check the DEWmocracy forums...

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