Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Perfect 80's Video

Uncovered this gem while looking at "Weird Al" Yankovic's bio on Wikipedia (don't ask). It seems he had a bit part/cameo in this forgotten Michael Jackson video from "Liberian Girl".

I swear, this video is horrendous. It's so bad that the director actually fades the music down to a dull mumble halfway through the video it's as if he wanted to make it less of a music video and more like an overproduced high school 'day in the life' video. Want more proof?

  • Loads of 80s-era One-hit wonders? Check.
  • The occasional Cosby Show kid? Check.
  • "This is scripted, but we're gonna act all spontaneous" crap? Check.
  • Bubbles the chimp? Check.
  • Paula Abdul? Check.
  • Steve Guttenberg and Dan Akroyd as two motorcycle cops? Check and Check.
  • Sherman Hemsley dancing? Check.
  • Enough of my babbling... peep it and see:

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